How it all began?

Hi! I am Maliha Fakhri – Founder of Green Sentiments. As an entrepreneur, a mom and an environmentally conscious citizen, I believe in practical ways to help conserve our planet. Jute bags are attractive, strong and help keep our environment clean.


My journey with Green Sentiments began in 2006 when I was travelling to Bangladesh with my husband. I came across reusable bags, made from jute fiber. These bags were being used as a replacement for plastic bags in the market. I found them to be trendy, durable and practical. I was not only taking these bags to the grocery store I found myself using them at the gym. I just found myself a great business opportunity, and right after Green Sentiments was born.


With my bags I aim to create a concept of providing reusable totes at affordable prices. Please contact us if you want to give your company a stylish image. Our bags are the perfect place to start.

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